Sealants, Waterstops & Liquid Applied Waterproof Membranes

Schomburg Aquafin CJ-6Thermoplastic expansive waterstop for waterproofing construction jointsPDFPDF
PolyroofHigh performance, one part elastomer for critical roof areasPDFPDF
Small Joint SealerClear flexible sealand for narrow jointsPDF-
Chevaline SuperflexxFlexible gap / crack sealant - exterior surfacesPDFPDF
THC 900-901High performance trafficable joint sealantPDFUnit A
Unit B
Traxx FloorjointHorizontal joints subject to trafficPDFUnit A
Unit B
Tremflex PU1One part medium modulus polyurethane elastomeric sealantPDF-
Tremco DymericTwo component epoxidised polyurethane sealantPDFUnit A
Unit B
Tremco Dymonic FCFast skinning polyurethane sealantPDFPDF
Tremco Dymonic 100High performance, high movement polyurethane sealantPDF
Tremco FyrethaneAcrylic fire rated sealantPDFPDF
Liquid Applied Waterproof
Membranes - Facade:
Chevaline CoverflexxFlexible exterior bodycoatPDFPDF
Chevaline Coverflexx NFFlexible exterior bodycoat non fibrePDFPDF
Chevaline FlexxFlexible acrylic exterior bodycoatPDFPDF
Chevaline SuperflexxFlexible gap / crack sealant exterior surfacesPDFPDF
Liquid Applied Waterproof
Membranes - Pedestrian Decks:
Chevaline DexxFlexible reinforced roof and deck membranePDFPDF
Traxx 2000Liquid applied trafficable elastomeric membranePDFPDF
Traxx 2000 WearcoatLiquid applied trafficable elastomeric membranePDFUnit A
Unit B
Traxx 2000 HS WearcoatNon-skidPDFUnit A
Unit B
Tremco Vulkem 350/351Waterproof system with integral wearing surfacePDF350R

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