Roofing Datasheets

Roofing - Finishes:
Chevaline AluflexxFlexible reflective elastomeric topcoatPDFPDF
Chevaline MetaliteWaterborne acrylic non-tarnishing metal effectPDF-
PermachipHigh build lumpy sprayed texture finishPDF-
PermacoatHigh build bodycoat to concrete / metal roofPDF-
PermaglazeHigh performance durable exterior glazePDF-
Protexx Mioxx-WBSemi-gloss topcoat for steel surfacesPDFPDF
Protexx Mioxx BodycoatHigh build polyurethane bodycoatPDF-
Protexx Mioxx TopcoatHigh build polyurethane topcoat - industrial environmentsPDF-
Roofing - Torch Applied:DatasheetsSDS
DuO HT 4 Slates/F C180PDFPDF
DuO HT 4 Slates/F C180 MecanoPDFPDF
DuO HT 4 Slates/F C180 AeroPDFPDF
Duo B&T 5 Gran/F C250 PDFPDF
Deboflex 3.5 CS/F K180 SpecialPDF
Deboflex 2.5 T/F C175PDFPDF
Deboplast 2.5 TF C175PDFPDF
Roofing - Liquid Applied:DatasheetsSDS
Chevaline DexxFlexible reinforced roof and deck membranePDFPDF
Vulkem 450/451Flexible, durable urethane surface systemPDF-
Roofing - Aux:DatasheetsSDS
Chevaline RenewWater-based coating for asphalt substrates - roofing maintenancePDFPDF
Tremco PolypadsAdjustable supports for paving slabsPDF-
Vulkem Primer 191Film forcing adhesion promoter for VulkemPDFPDF
Adjustable tile supportsPDF-
DuO C-profilePDF-
De Boer shink sleevePDF

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