eArche Solar Panel System


eArche solar panels are a light weight, flexible, customizable solution to a solar panel system where compromising aesthetic appeal is not an option.

Designed for horizontal application, the panels can be installed at 2 to 5 degrees to the roof profile. This seamless integration does not interfere with architectural design elements.

The eArche solar panel system is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial application and will provide a 30% – 60% reduction in energy usage. The system is compatible with our De Boer Duo and Duotherm roofing systems and together they create a complete roofing solution which will further reduce energy usage.

eArche panels have passed international durability tests such as thermal cycling, humidity, wind load, snow load and hail.

Backed by a 25-year life span and performance warranty with a design life of approximately 40 years.

Project specific specifications are designed to meet service requirements.

We provide warranties on all our products when used in conjunction with the correct specification and applied by a certified Equus applicator.

eArche panels vs traditional glass panels

  • eArche panels are 70% lighter than traditional glass panels and do not compromise the structural integrity of the roof.
  • due to the installation of the glass panel, approximately 30% of the roof space is wasted. eArche panels can lay flat and therefore maximize roof space.
  • Flat panel installation receives a more even exposure throughout the day, and during seasonal changes.

Key Benefits:

⇒  Light weight – 70% lighter than conventional panels

⇒  Flexible – Suitable for curved roofs and structures

⇒  Compatible with De Boer Duo membrane roofing systems

⇒  Specifically designed for horizontal application

⇒  Installs via bonding or screwing

⇒  Clean Energy Council approved


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