Primers & Sealers


Penetrating sealer for asbestos

Excellent penetration and adhesion to flat and corrugated asbestos-cement sheet. Contains a highly effective mould resistand additive which contains no toxic metals or phenols.


Corrosion and stain resistant primer

A corrosion and stain resistant primer for use on galvanised steel, timber and timber composites, and interior board linings. A waterborne modified acrylic primer, with special pigmentation to enhance stain-block and anti-rust capabilities.


General purpose primer

A general purpose primer for gypsum plaster, gibralter board, hardboard, wood, wood composite boards and old enamel surfaces. Specially modified for wide surface compatability.


Fast drying high-build primer/bodycoat

A high-build primer/bodycoat for use on most surfaces under Chevaline Colourcure. Fast drying for early sanding. May require pre-sealing on porous or metallic surfaces. Clean room standard approved ISO 14644.


Ready for use primer/sealer for all cement based surfaces.

A waterborne acrylic primer with excellent adhesion properties. Compatible for use with all Chevaline water base coating and membrane systems.

Chevaline EPISTIXX

Two pack epoxy primer/bodycoat

A multi-use waterborne epoxy primer/bodycoat for use on most building surfaces. Generally used as an adhesion-promoting primer for Traxx flooring, or in situations where solvent release during application is not desirable. Where high-gloss and trueness of pastel colours is not important, may be used as a finish coat. Clean room standard approved ISO 14644.


Rust inhibiting primer for steel surfaces

A protective rust-inhibiting primer for use on steel surfaces which cannot be blast-cleaned, or where patch-priming only is required beneath Equus polyurethane coatings. Ideal for use in recoat work involving small section of steel members or frames.


Protective rust-inhibiting primer for steel

A proctective rust-inhibiting primer for all steel work. Perferably applied to blast-cleaned steel for maximum performance. Can be welded through if required.

TRAXX Primers 1050 & 1070

Primer for Traxx & Colourcure

General purpose primer for Traxx and Chevaline Colourcure finishes on most porous building material surfaces including concrete, plaster, masonry block, timber, plywood and particle board.  May also be used on ferrous and some non-ferrous metals.

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