Exterior High Build Coating Systems

Chevaline range of exterior high-build coatings, with a range of finishes.

Hygiene & Specialty Finishes

Waterborne epoxy finishes for hygiene situations and specialty products.

Exterior Silicate Mineral

Keim paints are a proven extremely long-life exterior silicate based paint with a modified potassium silicate binder.


Range of texture coatings for use in exterior and interior locations on relatively even and stable surfaces.

Metal Coatings

Single and two-component coatings for a range of metal substrates.

Water Repellant & Consolidation

Colourless impregnating water repellants for mineral surfaces.

Interior Finishes

Chevaline range of interior finishes, including Keim silicate paints.

Graffiti Resistant Coatings

Specialised products for removal and prevention of graffiti coatings.

Translucent Finishes

Low-pigment coatings for interior or exterior concrete surfaces.

Primers & Sealers

Range of primers and sealers used in all applications.

Clear Finishes

Interior/exterior clear finish coats, acrylic and polyurethanes.

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