New Product: COLPHENE 3000

We are pleased to be launching a new product in the Equus SOPREMA line of bitumen tanking membranes, COLPHENE 3000 by SOPREMA. Equus SOPREMA COLPHENE 3000 system is a self-adhesive tanking membrane manufactured by worldwide leader in waterproofing products, SOPREMA. The membrane is designed for foundation walls and other below grade vertical surfaces and can [...]

Christchurch Town Hall

Like many buildings, the Christchurch Town Hall suffered severe damage during the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes. In February 2011 particularly, the Town Hall site suffered significant land movement, damage and liquefaction and this has kept the town hall closed ever since. The Christchurch Town Hall, situated on Kilmore Street along the Avon River bank, […] Read more