Fonterra Dairy Processing Plants

This page contains information pertaining to Fonterra Dairy Processing Plants.

Architect: DLA Architects


Equus Representative: Rob Roxburgh
027 434 2550

Technical and Safety Datasheets

Product Name

Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

Chevaline CoverallPDFPDF
Chevaline ColourglazePDFPDF
Chevaline Colourcure 2PDFPart A | Part B
Chevaline Colourcure HB PrimerPDFPart A | Part B
Chevaline EpistixxPDFPart A | Part B
Chevaline Epistixx RapidPDFPart A | Part B
Euco Diamond HardPDFPDF
Chevaline FilprimePDFPDF
Protexx ZincurePDFPDF
Duracon 108PDFPDF
Duracon 205PDFPDF
Duracon 307PDFPDF


Synlait Dunsandel - Hygiene Coatings
Studholme Waimate - Hygiene Coatings
Edendale Dryer Towers - Hygiene Coatings
Dairy Trust Wanganui Dryer - Hygiene Coatings

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